Chairman's greeting
Dear visitors,

Welcome to the Korean Association of Retinal Degeneration (KARD). KARD has been established with the mission to overcome retinal degenerative diseases which are collectively one of the most important causes of blindness yet remain without a fundamental treatment. The Association was founded as a research society in 2010 and was incorporated as an association affiliated with Seoul Metropolitan City in 2015, and is a designated contribution organization. We extend our deepest thanks to patients and contributors who support the Association.

The Association focuses on achieving its objectives, including research, public education, and policy formulation regarding retinal degeneration treatment, through a strong network of researchers centered around medical science professionals. There is currently no clear treatment method for retinal degeneration diseases such as macular degeneration and hereditary retinal degeneration, which results in great emotional and physical distress for numerous patients. However, we are excited by some recent cases where patients have been relieved through artificial retina implant and gene therapy. The Association will continue to support development of more effective treatments for a wider range of patients. In addition, the Association has published a Q&A booklet answering frequently-asked questions from patients, and is preparing a treatise on retinal degeneration which may serve as a guide for future diagnosis and treatment. We hope that through such education and publications our society will be able to understand retinal degeneration better and thereby prevent and overcome vision loss resulting therefrom.

While the unceasing effort of medical professionals is important to eradicate loss of vision through retinal degeneration, the attention and support of the community as a whole is an absolute necessity. The Korean Association of Reginal Degeneration is an open organization, and any person who wishes to help patients suffering from retinal degeneration is welcome to join as a member. In addition, contributions or support in any other form by non-members is always welcome. We look forward to your continued participation and support. Thank you.

Korean Association of Retinal Degeneration
Chairman Hyeong Gon Yu